There is no known prevention method for cracking. There are many reasons as to why concrete can crack, chip, or flake. Some reasons include freezing weather, expanding and contracting of concrete or settling due to the soil on which it is laid, and the use of salt or other chemicals used to melt ice. You may see cracking in the expansion joints or on the slab of concrete itself, but do not worry, that is completely normal!

Drainage, Sod, & Erosion: 

Regency has engineered and installed a drainage system that has been designed to drain surface water away from your home and off of your property. Grades and swales have been established to accomplish this and can be adversely affected by water eroding the finishing grades. This means your yard can have some erosion simply by watering your yard or from rain. Once you close, it is your responsibility to water, fertilize, and maintain sod and any plants. If your yard does not receive regular watering and fertilization, it will die. This is something we simply cannot control or regulate once you close.


At your walk-thru, you have had the chance to mark all areas you are not satisfied with. After closing and throughout your first year, you will notice nail pops, drywall cracks, 

drywall seams, and cracks in your trim and crown molding. This is completely normal as your home has not had the chance to settle. Nicks and dings will occur as you live life in your new home. Any areas you are unsatisfied with throughout this time can be fixed with drywall putty, paint, and caulk. If you need instructions on how to fix, please visit the Sherwin Williams YouTube Channel for assistance, They have multiple videos on all of your home repair needs.