During your walk-thru, your builder placed an emergency contact sticker in your home in the event of an emergency. It is most commonly placed in the cabinet above your refrigerator. The numbers on your sticker are the vendors who worked on your home and will be able to assist you with the issue you are having. You are always welcome to contact these vendors directly, but we ask you still open tickets for all issues. An emergency is something that cannot wait until tomorrow without the issue causing damage or security issues to your home. Below are examples of emergencies for each vendor that is on your list:


If you are experiencing a leak in a bathroom, from your kitchen sink, your dishwasher, or exterior hose bib, etc. 


Outlets are not functioning. If you lose all power to your home, please contact your utilities provider, not the electricians.


If you are experiencing a loss of heating or cooling in your home. 


If you are experiencing a leak that seems unrelated to plumbing. Most commonly, leaks that occur in the attic during a rainstorm. 

Garage door

If you are unable to close or open the garage door. 


If your carbon monoxide detectors are set off by use of your fireplace, please run it for 30 minutes, open your windows, and run your fan.  If you continue to have issues after 30 minutes, please contact the fireplace company.


If you lose function of an appliance.