Your shingles have a 10-year limited lifetime warranty. For years 11-40, it is 80% reduced by 2% every year thereafter until year 40. Years 41 and beyond are reduced to 20%. This extended warranty covers manufacturer defects that materially affect the shingles’ performance on your roof during the TRU PROtection coverage period. For additional information, please visit the following website:

Front door

A manufacturer defect would be considered a warrantable item for a door. Please contact the warranty department for more information about this.  You may notice that from time to time your front door may be more difficult to open.  Your door may need to be adjusted, which is completely normal. This would be a job for a trim carpenter and not something that would be covered under the extended warranty.  


The windows installed in your home have a warranty that extends the lifetime of the product under normal use and service, subject to the conditions and limitations listed within the website copied below. This warranty covers only manufacturing and material defects listed within said website. 


By registering your HVAC unit online within 60 days of the closing date, you will have a 10 year extended warranty on parts only from the manufacturer.  Labor is excluded. Please contact the HVAC company located on your emergency contact sticker for more